Denice enjoys speaking on a variety of topics related to work, including career development, leadership and reigniting your passion for work. She finds that the most fulfilling speaking engagements are the ones where she can take time to chat and connect with audience members before the event–her favorite format is a coffee or cocktail hour followed by her talk.

Denice’s speaking style is very engaging and interactive–in fact she’s often asked if her hobby is stand-up comedy! She prefers to use only a few presentation slides and involve the audience actively in her presentation. Think of it as “a conversation with Denice” rather than “Denice speaking to us.”

In addition to offering a presentation and discussion session about her book, Denice is available to speak on a variety of topics related to work. Some examples include:

“Falling in Love With Work–Again,” a presentation and discussion session that explores the themes of her book.

“You Can be Yourself and Still be a CEO,” a presentation and discussion session that explores how a person can retain her personality while being in a position of authority.

“What, no Career Plan? So How the Heck Did You Get to be a CEO?,” Geared towards college students, MBA students or folks with up to five years of work experience, this presentation discusses the unexpected path a career can take and how to recognize opportunities you may not have considered.

“Come With Me to the Future,” a presentation that takes the audience to one or two years in the future and paints what life (… or work, your job/career) could be like if you lead with your heart and your imagination.

“The Art of Listening and Knowing When to Talk,” a presentation and discussion session that explains and discusses the protocol for oral communication—in multiple settings—in the workplace. This presentation can be tailored to the cross-cultural challenges of multinational organizations.

Please Click Here to contact Denice about speaking at your event! She is very happy to discuss potential speaking engagements, with the understanding that her work and travel schedule could limit her availabilty.

If you would like to sign up for an event, click here to email Denice and she’ll get back to you.

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