The World is Decorated with Stars tells two parallel stories of two couples, both named Abigail and Matthew, living in Massachusetts.

This meticulously researched story deftly alternates between centuries and a backdrop rooted in historical events.

IT is a stunning novel for readers who love historical fiction and the romance of finding a lost love again. . .

Falling in Love With Work

A Practical Guide to Igniting Your Passion for Your Career

Most of us fantasize about what it would be like to walk away from work. Well, I did it. And not only that, I was able to recharge my batteries and regain my D.Kronau_Spread_smpassion for work.

  • I have a new philosophy that made a profound difference in my life and to those
    I work with.
  • An unlikely teacher, who almost magically appeared in my life, guided my journey back to being happy at work.
  • During this journey, I transformed my outlook from desperation to rejuvenation and I learned that I wanted to go back to exactly the same work that I ran away from…

To my complete surprise—I came back to a significantly better job with my company, doing exactly the same kind of work as before!  Read More…

From Boardroom to Beach Chair

B2BC_BannerHow an exhausted, worn out and overworked CEO regained her passion for her career

This is the story of my recovery and how I fell in love with work all over again.

I felt trapped by work and decided the only way out was to quit my job. Not only had I lost the feelings of joy and fulfillment that work could create, I was emotionally at the other extreme—I was addicted to the “dark side” of work—always needing to work longer and longer hours to get things done.

In the end, I took an unpaid sabbatical and ran for the hills—or more accurately, the beach on Nantucket Island. Like all addicts, I had to find my way back to a healthier, happier place and an important part of my recovery was my finding an unlikely teacher, Mike Phelps, the Norton Simon Professor and Chair of the Molecular and Medical Pharmacology Department at UCLA. My emails with Mike became the GPS to my new life. Read More…

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