Remember the moments

When you’re happy at work, do you consciously remember the moment? Do you take stock of what’s happening? Where you are? What you’re doing? Who you’re with? Do you put it in the happiness bank to use later?

I had to learn to do this. Until just a few years ago, I didn’t really think about the happy moments when I was experiencing them. I took them for granted. Meanwhile, I held onto to the unhappy moments. When I was unhappy I would dwell on the source of my misery—going over it again and again—and frankly, making it worse.

I act very differently now. Not only do I take notice of the times when I am happy at work, I remark on it and bring it to everyone’s attention. ”Hey, how much fun is this? Isn’t this a blast?” I always get rewarded with positive reactions from my colleagues, even if they’re a bit surprised when I first make the comments. It is unusual, after all, to talk about fun moments at work.

Here’s another point I’ve learned along the way: I never have fun at work by myself. I can only truly appreciate the happy moments when I have someone else to share them with. For me, this has been a very unexpected element of working with a great team—the fact that they amplify the happy moments at work. How cool is this?

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