How early is too early?

Does anything really good happen before 9:00 AM?

I am firmly convinced it doesn’t. I wrote about this in my blog on March 27th this year, “Survivor at work: marathon conferences”. Nothing has changed my opinion since then.

I just think talking before noon is unnecessary. I am perfectly fine with other people talking before noon; I just pray they don’t want a response from me.

We all have our own rhythms when certain things “click” and others don’t. I am my most intellectually creative between 5:00 and 9:00 AM. After 9:00 AM, I have to work harder at it. When I have to think “big thoughts,” I will set my alarm to get up early: to write, or draw, or think. But, not to talk—I can’t tell anyone about my revelations until late morning.

I accept that there are obligations at work that do not always fit nicely into one’s own personal rhythms. Adapting to our environment makes life simpler and easier, but maybe not happier. Here’s what I do: I try to find ways to compromise and be happy at the same time. I follow the schedule that business normally runs on—it would be really inefficient if there were no meetings before noon—and when it’s up to me, I will schedule all talking events to start later than 11:00 AM.

If you’re the person who is chatty and raring to go at 7:00 AM, good for you. Please, just don’t sit next to me.

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