We’re all CEOs of our families

I was talking to a dear friend this week and we were discussing a variety of people related topics: managing folks for performance, giving feedback, providing a support structure for people, and learning how to give encouragement at the appropriate moments.

All of these topics are very relevant if you’re a manager at work—or—the CEO of your family.

So many folks I know work so many hours. This blurs the boundaries between “work time” and “family time,” especially as our electronic gadgets turn into dog leashes tethering our work to us wherever we are.

It’s natural that behaviors that are successful at work would also be helpful at home. One could argue that it’s actually the reverse—behaviors learned at home are helpful at work. Maybe. I don’t remember getting feedback as a kid; but I remember getting grounded!

I’m not kicking off a “chicken or egg” debate, but I will suggest that the skills from both worlds are transferrable. I like taking some of my management skills home, whether it’s to effectively prioritize household tasks or to structure a decision we have to make. Equally, I like taking certain family skills to the office and I think it makes the work environment richer. For example, I love celebrating an important milestone the same way you would at home—cake, balloons and even better, as a surprise. It takes a little extra effort to organize this for someone at work, but the reward is a shared moment of happiness and celebration.

I would love to hear from other family CEOs!

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