It’s all in the numbers

I found an article on from January 10th 2010 titled “Survey: More Americans Unhappy at Work.” It’s worth reading. (click on the title to go to the article)

It cites a recent Conference Board study, which found that 55% of us are unhappy with our work. 64% of workers under 25 are unhappy.

These are astonishing numbers to me. Think of it this way, if you’re happy at work then the odds are that the person sitting next to you is not.

This is worth fixing. I would like to sit in a room at work with 20 colleagues and have 19 of them be happy to be there. OK, I’d even settle for 18. When one out of two people are unhappy, the whole tone of the office changes. Little irritants grow out of proportion to the incident. People are impatient and no one listens.  BlackBerries abound, as people would rather pay attention to their PDAs than to the people sitting next to them. Does this sound like any of the meetings you’ve attended recently?

One person can make a difference. You can make a difference. One person can change the tone of a meeting. I often use humor—probably sometimes inappropriately—to lighten the moment. This in and of itself doesn’t make people happy at work, but I find it makes us all happy in the moment. And in this moment, 100% of the people are happy at work. It’s a start.

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