I love change; I hate change

I love change. I especially love when something changes at work. I love new ideas and new ways of thinking about something. When someone suggests a new idea, I am the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland chasing the new idea down a hole. I become completely intrigued by the possibilities that the new idea conjures up. “What if we could…” is my favorite way to start a sentence.

This goes beyond a new idea about a work topic. If someone offers me a new job, or a new element to my current job, my first reaction is “Why not?” This is who I am; I accept that I am too quick off the starting blocks and if I was to spend a few more minutes thinking about what I was just asked, my reaction might be “why?” instead of “why not?” I once worked with someone at General Foods who told me, “My boss offered me the job as president of Maxwell House coffee. I was the head of marketing for Jello at the time. He told me I would move in three months. I went back into his office the next day and told him, ‘You might as well move the rest of my body now because my head left yesterday.’ “ This describes me too. Once someone tells me I’m doing something else in the future, it’s very hard to stay focused in the present.

I hate change. I hate change when it means I will no longer work with the people I work with every day. I get very attached to the people in my team. As I often say: work is hard. This creates a breeding ground for close relationships at work. As a team, you are battling the business dragons every day and like modern day knights at the round table, you form a fellowship that is extraordinary. This is one of the things that makes me exceptionally happy at work, without it, I’m miserable.

In the end, change is bittersweet. All the shiny new ideas in the world are no substitute for the joy I get from my relationships with my colleagues. However, life does not stand still. Each moment in time is just that, a moment. From this, I have learned two important things that help me with my love/hate relationship with change:

  • Be present in this moment, it will not come again.
  • Be happy, now. No matter what the future brings, if I can be happy right now, it’s enough.
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4 Responses to “I love change; I hate change”

  1. Siggy Linda says:

    You’re right about being present in the moment and enjoying happiness as it happens. But having that is what makes work relationships turn into long-lasting acquaintances, if not friendships, when the work situation is no longer there. So it really is a double bind.

    Those happy moments still fuel my passion for doing things right and going the extra mile even when I find myself unhappy at work, when I think, “It’s not really worth it.” So I wear my pink glasses until the next wave of genuine happiness comes along. And usually, it’s not long of a wait.

    So keep on truckin’ and havin’ fun!

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  3. Gregory Despain says:

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  4. Fiona Citkin, Ph.D. says:

    I appreciate this in-depth thinking about love-hate relationship with change. I never believe when people declare they just love change. As Winston Churchill famously said, “While everybody wants to be in heaven, nobody wants to die” – so it’s only human NOT to love change to distraction.

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