Goals are dreams with a deadline

I don’t go for a walk without having a destination in mind. I won’t enjoy it. I don’t like to walk just for the sake of taking a walk. I have never learned how to wander aimlessly. I can, however, walk for hours on end as long as I tie it to something I want, such as to get some exercise to burn off the cupcake I couldn’t resist.

The same is true for my work. I need a destination—a goal—before I can put effort into something.

I set goals that I can accomplish within a certain period of time and usually it’s not too far in the future. I like milestones that are within reach. It makes me happy to complete a goal and move on to the next one; it’s a great feeling of accomplishment even if it might be something small.

My goals are part of a bigger picture—they are the interim stepping-stones to my dreams. Just like taking a walk to work off a cupcake is part of my overall program to stay healthy, the same is true for my work goals. (Maybe I should just stop eating cupcakes and save myself hours of exercise!)

Do you set goals at work that move you closer to your dreams?

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