Finding common ground

I travel around the world for my work, working with people from more than 40 different countries. I am often asked: “How can we build a common culture when we are all different people from such different countries?” Sometimes, the question is directed to me personally, “Denice, how will you ensure that our organization has a common culture?”

I always respond with a question: “Did you come to work today hoping you will be mediocre?” On your way in to work, did you say to yourself, “I hope I can be really average today.” I am sure you would answer “no” to both. I am also very sure that you came into the office today hoping to do your best. Maybe you couldn’t; maybe something came up that kept you from doing your best—we all have days when our best is not in reach. But, you did not intend to be average or mediocre.

This is our common culture. Wherever I work, I strive to recreate this culture as I personally find it very nourishing and rewarding. As human beings, we aspire to do our best. This is a great common ground to share and it’s essential for being happy at work.

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