Don’t cut it

I went to the hair salon a month ago and told Paul, who’s been cutting my hair for years, that I would like to let my hair grow longer.

“Paul, what’s the best cut if I want my hair to grow longer?” I asked.

“Don’t cut it,” he replied.

Yes, when I read what I just typed I want to shout “DUH” from a rooftop. It seems very obvious and yet, when I let my hair grow longer in prior years I would always have it cut every few months and then wonder why it never seemed to grow very fast.

Paul was the first hairdresser who told me not to cut my hair.

I realize that I do the same thing at work. I get in a habit of following long-established processes and steps, sometimes forgetting what the goal is. I think often we all get so busy with the “doing” that we forget about the outcome. We make assumptions:

  • I am carrying out the correct process to reach my desired outcome.
  • Why would I revisit the existing process? It’s illogical that I would be doing something inefficiently or ineffectively.
  • And my favorite (and the one I’m most guilty of): I always did it this way before, so this must be the right way.

But, when I do have an “aha” moment about reaching a goal in a new way, I always find discovering a new path to my goal to be very satisfying—probably even more so than before.

And to think that I gained this insight from my hairdresser! Next time I should give him an extra-large tip!

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