I’m on Nantucket this week and I picked up a copy of Cary Hazlegrove’s new book, “Nantucket.”

Cary takes wonderful, beautiful photos of Nantucket. When I try to explain to someone what Nantucket is like I give the person one of Cary’s books. Although she captures the essence of the island in two dimensions, her photos evoke images that engage all five senses.

And it’s not just the photos in her book that describe Nantucket, but also the words. In “Nantucket,” there’s a quote from Karen Borchert that I fell in love with:

“Gratitude accumulates here.”

I know this is true. Every time I am on island I am so grateful to be here. I feel this gratitude deep in my stomach. It’s a little voice that says: “You work very hard. You travel a lot. You make trade-offs to do the job that you do. And once in awhile, you can come home to Nantucket. The trade-offs are worth it.”

This is also true: we all have our own “Nantucket” that we are grateful for. It doesn’t have to be a place, it can be something you are able to do, such as taking care of your family. It’s never just one thing, nor should it be.

Thank you Cary, for creating this beautiful book that I can open, wherever I am, and be transported home. I’m very grateful.

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