Falling in Love with Work

How a Stressed-Out, Dog-tired CEO Regained Her Passion for Work

I hope that my book is especially helpful today when the world faces such an uncertain financial future and people may stay longer in their current jobs, and in some cases, feel even more trapped. My hope is that it will help reconnect readers to the feelings they had when they first started working, when work was fulfilling, enriching, even fun. The lessons in this book reveal to the reader that finding a new course does not always mean dramatic change—externally. You can continue on the journey you’ve chosen, but with a carry-on suitcase instead of over-sized, too-heavy-to-lift checked luggage.

Falling in Love with Work shares many key elements that help make me happy at work, such as:

Falling in Love with Work by Denice Kronau

  • We’re human beings, not human “doings.” Any time off from work, even a little, can restore and rejuvenate you.
  • Too often we feed the urgent while starving the important. We’re happier at work when we recognize the difference.
  • It’s perfectly fine to “Find out what you don’t do well, and don’t do it.” (To quote Alf, the 1980’s TV character.)
  • Be happy, now. We often postpone happiness waiting for a one-time event and if asked, cannot explain what makes us happy at work. It’s worth knowing.

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Here’s what I know is true: only you can know what makes you happy at work. I also know that you already have many of the answers you seek; you only need to discover them. I believe these answers are like shells on the beach; take a mental walk through your own experiences with work, and you will find them at your feet. I hope that the observations I share in my book might become part of your own personal collection of shells that will help you regain your passion for work. Read an excerpt from Falling in Love With Work.

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